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Nirow is the all-in-one app you need to take control of your life, again. Track up to 40+ habits automatically, with endless other manual possibilities.
popular automatic services
Our Features

Automatic Tracking

Nirow connects and fetch data from popular services (Apple Health, Fitbit, RescueTime, Location) to mark your habits and goals as "done" when you achieve the result.  
With automatic options available, you can track multi-categorical habits such as Hit the Gym or Meditate; Online time or Read book.
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insightful and motivating graphs
Our Features

Insightful and motivating graphs

Get constantly motivated by seeing your growth with detailed progress. Our beautifully designed charts and encouraging numbers will keep you from breaking your streaks.
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actionable and multiple reminders
Our Features

Actionable & multiple reminders

Mark a habit as "done" from any screen with Nirow's reminders. Usually forget multiple-time-per-day habit such as Drink 8 glasses of water? Set reminders at different times to go completely hydrated throughout the day!
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Other features

data backup
Data backup

Your data is kept intact by iCloud and Dropbox

Seamless sync
Seamless sync

iPhone & Apple Watch


Dark theme, Today Widget, Timer templates

What our users are saying

"It’s a fantastic approach to track habits automatically, via AppleHealth or location. Also the manual option is available. That’s really great! And should make habit tracking easier than ever"

― Joerch Nebel
IT Manager

"Love the simplicity of the UI. The cards feature is great too, hope to see more data from apple health for more cards in the future"

― Rob

It is a great app! I really like it! I just do wish that I could mark a habit off for the previous day or few days before as in Habitify. But otherwise I do like it and I love that there is now the “bad habit” option!

― Michelle
Nirow user